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To volunteers

To the volunteers who shared the concern, who offered and gave help, suggestions, support, time and effort.

You know who you are,

Your input definitely helped, the site got interest and as a result we have been able to sign-post people to other services as well as highlight various efforts being undertaken by others.

Now that things have begun to stabilise, a lot of groups have themselves become much more organised, with updated policies, plans, websites, blogs, created their own forums, signage, etc.

And that is great. The initial impetus behind this site was to facilitate, to provide a venue, forum, to signpost and facilitate in any small ways we could, the great efforts of the many fantastic volunteers, part-timers and full-timers during the interim period.

So although the part this forum plays may seem relatively small - and compared to many heroes on the ‘front-lines’, it is - it does help some people directly and provides leverage to help yet others offer further support to even more, themselves in need of support.

It appears the sign-posting is still valuable.

So, the forum will remain available for now; we will continue to re-evaluate based on the situation, site traffic and other metrics.

Perhaps others can learn from it - again, one of the objectives was to facilitate communications between and learning by first responders around the world.

We have all learnt a lot and everyone really does appreciate your willingness to assist and provide input on it at an early juncture.

Those who can, willingly reciprocate.

This situation is not yet over, even as things normalise, but perhaps everyone in this global family is a little more prepared for whatever comes next.

May you, your family, friends and neighbours stay well and safe.

Best wishes for the future.

Update: the community forum is now closed.

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