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Shopping for others - things to consider

Spoken to some staff in supermarket about getting in food for people who need help getting food because:

they are unable to get to the shop

cannot get a delivery arranged

(providing food for homeless, etc. will be covered further in another section)

Some issues come up about:

will the shop have restrictions on quantity they will sell?
logistics, e.g. own vehicle, taxi, volunteers or community transportation may be available
social contact - is it a good idea anyway?
how to arrange payment at shop (and collecting if appropriate)
being aware of scams

An obvious point - trying to organise a shopping list to minimise journeys and the number of shops entered (reduce the number of potential transmission contact points)

More thoughts:

wear gloves

arrange a delivery time-slot of your own and leave on doorstep, stand away from the door like royal mail and couriers and doing and knock or perhaps call to confirm


spare debit card option

The Connected Card removes the need for awkward IOUs or bank transfers.

Sainsbury’s has set up something with gift cards.

It’s amazing what everyone is doing to help out!

It’s great to see businesses that have considered how to help and given their support.

It has to be a team effort!

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