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NHS Volunteer Responders

If you or someone you are a carer for needs some help with shopping, a prescription collection or a friendly chat then NHS Volunteer Responders are ready to help.

The support of NHS Volunteer Responders is available to anyone who:

Has been advised to shield by a health professional
Is vulnerable for another reason (for instance, disability, pregnancy, over 70, have Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, or are vulnerable due to a mental health condition, etc.)
Is self-isolating because they have confirmed Covid 19 or suspected symptoms; or they have been in contact with someone who has
Is someone with caring responsibilities, if this support helps them to continue in their caring role

Information available at:

Support for those self isolating

Are you self-isolating and in need of support? Find out more about how an NHS Volunteer Responder can help you.

If you’re able to offer your services you can also volunteer, although from headlines in the news it would appear the issue at this time is matching those in need with the volunteers.

The NHS has a page for volunteers here:

for NHS volunteer responders

Welcome to our portal for those signed up as an NHS Responder. Here, you can access training and safety guidelines for all the different roles available.

and to volunteer: NHS - get involved - volunteering

According to Goodsamapp which claims it powers the RVS system, there has been a pause on recruiting volunteers since 29 March 2020.


The platform is now taking referrals from Health and local government professionals. Code of conduct is shown on site.

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