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Community forum is now closed.

The community forum was opened in March 2020 to facilitate discussions, allow people to collaborate to resolve food distribution and delivery issues and help with information during novel coronavirus (covid-19).

It included wikis for changing opening hours, where to get assistance, links to trusted updates and more.

As most businesses …

To volunteers

To the volunteers who shared the concern, who offered and gave help, suggestions, support, time and effort.

You know who you are,

Your input definitely helped, the site got interest and as a result we have been able to sign-post people to other services as well as highlight various efforts …

Supermarket chain Tesco has teamed up with the food-sharing app Olio in a bid to reduce food waste

'Bankers and people on benefits come to my door'

Supermarket chain Tesco has teamed up with the food-sharing app Olio in a bid to reduce food waste.

Just 10 days of sugar restriction improves kids' health markedly

Claim: Just 10 days of sugar restriction improves kids' health markedly

Responsible Foods

Pandemic 'causing plastic pollution explosion'

Charity Surfers Against Sewage says it has seen a wave of discarded masks and plastics on beaches.

Pandemic 'causing plastic pollution explosion'

Please try to minimise use of single-use plastics.

Pick up rubbish.

Be a good citizen :)

Ingenious lad uses Eat Out scheme and Wetherspoons table game to feed homeless

Ingenious lad uses Eat Out scheme and Wetherspoons table game to feed homeless

Sports broadcaster Dominic Dietrich is a big fan of the Wetherspoons table game so took a punt on trying to use it to help rough sleepers around Manchester

Elimination of COVID-19: what would it look like and is it possible

this should redirect you to:

The Lancet

Open source seed initiative

Maintaining fair and open access to plant genetic resources worldwide in order to ensure the availability of germplasm to farmers, gardeners, breeders and communities for this and future generations.

Welcome to the Open Source Seed Initiative

Today, only a handful of companies account for most of the world’s commercial …

DW: Arthropod Extinction? “The Great Death of Insects”

Video link - YouTube

Nextdoor - Neighbourhood hub

Many communities throughout the United Kingdom are using Nextdoor to strengthen their neighbourhoods.

Nextdoor is the neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of...

NHS Volunteer Responders

If you or someone you are a carer for needs some help with shopping, a prescription collection or a friendly chat then NHS Volunteer Responders are ready to help.

The support of NHS Volunteer Responders is available to anyone who:

Has been advised to shield by a health professional
Is …


Might help someone ...

Plan your co-op | Co-operatives UK

By now, you will have a core group of people who have worked up a business idea. Perhaps you have carried out a feasibility test and are ready to formulate your business plan. A vital stage in setting up a co-operative, and …

Food Bank

Might help ...

Emergency Food | The Trussell Trust UK

Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people in crisis. Learn how it works.

Food delivery could be safer than traditional foodbanks

In a traditional foodbank, with a small budget, there is often a small space with several assistants and several people at one time seeking assistance.

In today's world this means several pepole in a small space and worse, several of those are staying constant and several are changing - potentially an …

Local community food delivery

Great efforts! I look forward to seeing how their system fits together and to see them share the open-souced code, too - brilliant!

Kudos also to like-minded Sam Saffron, Jeff Atwood and team at Discourse who are offering free hosting for certain groups - of course I discovered this after configuring our …

Unclear advice/guidelines

Issue: people are afraid to help with food deliveries due to unclear advice/guidelines

E.g. are they permitted to:

deliver at certain times of day or
use a private vehicle or
2 per vehicle or
x trips per day or
buy more than X groceries per day

In some …

Shopping for others - things to consider

Spoken to some staff in supermarket about getting in food for people who need help getting food because:

they are unable to get to the shop

cannot get a delivery arranged

(providing food for homeless, etc. will be covered further in another section)

Some issues come up about:

will the …


Just signed up on the forum and have some quick suggestions:

I was unsure of what to do once signed up, Consider adding a banner that sets the context for new users, where they can go to get started etc. Check out the versatile theme component for enabling this.

To …

To print and post through for vulnerable people nearby

To print and post through for vulnerable people nearby

Random tech tips

We needed a simple solution that was proven and reliable to help people connect during covid-19.


We used the open source discourse forum software -


To create this static site we used Pelican to generate static files hosted with AWS Cloudfront.

To redirect traffic from the old domain we …

The forum's banner

We used the Versatile Banner component in Discourse, as kindly suggested by 'booleanbalaji' on the forum.

Heading: A place to discuss and resolve issues relating to food delivery for vulnerable people

text: 'connecting helpers' and 'helpers sharing ideas' - food suppliers / cooks / deliveries / healthcare workers / emergency services personnel / first …

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